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Last Update: 10/04/2018


Babygest is an online magazine that includes a discussion forum about surrogacy.

Babygest is not a surrogacy agency, and as such we don’t formalize surrogacy arrangements. Our mission is to provide information about this fertility treatment in a simple, comprehensible way. To this end, we publish the latest news and thousands of articles that incorporate graphic illustrations so that hopeful intended parents are able to understand them. Additionally, we have several discussion forums with a great number of comments, questions and answers provided by specialists who collaborate actively in our project.

Also, we want to spread information about the number of risks this technique involves, as well as about the legal situation from an international perspective. This way, we encourage everyone considering this option to make a well-informed decision by comparing the information we provide with that given by the agency they are in contact with.

Project management

DCIP Consulting Solutions is the company that owns this project. They manage the project since its creation, along with a large team of surrogacy experts, embryologists, gynecologists, and attorneys that are contributors in our project.

Get more info: Meet the Team of Babygest.

Mission, goal & team

Our mission is to help and provide high-quality information to a readership that is not composed of specialists in the field of Reproductive Health, but they are more of an audience that turns to the Internet in order to find information when they have a fertility problem, or have been diagnosed with a disease that can lead to infertility and want more info about the different reproductive technologies available for them, particularly surrogacy.

From Babygest, we aim to give our readers rigorous information about Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy, not only written in a plain as possible language in order for everyone to understand it, but also accompanied by graphic illustrations and animated videos that make it easier for everybody to understand the process step by step.

Our editorial philosophy and policy as a company is to strive for excellence to ensure that all our publications meet our quality standards. The publications and contents that you can find at Babygest have been written by accredited doctors lawyers or professionals from the sector. The ultimate goal is that our readers find true, verified, and detailed information.

Get more info: Editorial Quality & Policies.

Diversity & equality

We have implemented an equality policy because we believe in the right of inclusion for everybody, irrespective of his or her varied profiles, in the work environment and the society.

See this for more: Equality & Diversity Policy.

Technological infrastructure & safety

A project like this requires the participation of well-versed experts from multiple fields, including engineering, IT security, business management, law, translation, and graphic design that make it possible for this project to guarantee editorial quality and safety, both basic requirements for our specialists, lawyers and doctors to publish articles. Furthermore, this technological infrastructure allows users to be able to interact with our specialists safely.

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How do we get funding?

Babygest, as any other magazine and communication medium, gets funding through advertising that third companies do through Adwords ads and other types of marketing campaigns. However, none of them can influence the quality of the contents that one can find in our magazine.

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If you want to get in touch with us, please visit the following page: Contact Us.

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