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Advertising Policy

Advertising Policy

Last Update: 10/28/2020

Although advertising in Spain is regulated by the General Advertising Act 34/1988, of 11th of November, at Babygest we consider that our commitment with patients and transparency require additional criteria to the ones established by this Act, hence that we have created this page to show our advertising policies in detail.

No influence on editorial line

In order to finance the project we have advertisers who contract campaigns directly and others who do through Google ads, however no advertiser under any circumstances can influence the editorial line of publications. It is important to point out that this factor is crucial for our editorial line to be rigorous and impartial as it is not affected by funding sources.

Obviously, sponsored articles are not allowed.

Labelling of advertising banners

When a Google advertising banner or ad is launched, it will be distinguished from content by the word "Advertising" and/or "Google Ads".

Ad blocking

The trustworthiness and reputation of our magazine is based, among other aspects, in the fact that we apply strict quality controls when it comes to accepting new advertisers. By no means will we allow ads that contain:

  • Miracle or fraudulent treatments
  • Offensive, discriminatory, or illegal content
  • Medications or fertility products that do not comply with the European regulations

We provide the user with a contact page to warn of any advertisement that does not comply with our policies.