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uterine adhesions and polyps

uterine adhesions and polyps

The endometrium is the layer that covers the uterus, so any pathology, uterine adhesion or defective growth in it could have a negative influence on the implantation of the embryo.

Among the most frequent tumors and alterations of the endometrium are the following:

Uterine adhesions
are also called uterine synechiae. It is a tissue network in the uterine cavity and is usually asymptomatic. When the woman shows symptoms it may be due to Asherman's syndrome.
are benign tumors located in the myometrium, that is, the muscular layer between the uterus.
consists of inflammation of the endometrium.
Oval formation in the uterine cavity usually treated by surgical procedures.

Therefore, it is necessary that all women visit their gynecologists regularly to detect any alteration that may worsen over time. In this way, an early treatment will be established.

By Babygest Staff
Last Update: 04/22/2020