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Common uterine malformations

Common uterine malformations

The uterus is the essential organ for a pregnancy to reach term. For this reason, any alteration or abnormality in the uterus can lead to female infertility problems.

The following are the most common uterine malformations in women

Septate uterus
separated by a septum. This type of uterus is associated with repeat abortions.
Bicornate uterus.
Presence of two heart-shaped uterine cavities.
Uterus didelphys
characterized by two uterine cavities separated by a septum This type of uterus is also called a double uterus.
Arcuate uterus
the difference with the septate uterus is that the septum is larger. This type of uterus is not the main cause of female infertility, although it can lead to complications in achieving pregnancy.
By (gynecologist), (embryologist), (embryologist) and (babygest staff).
Last Update: 04/24/2020