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Full breakdown of surrogacy prices

Full breakdown of surrogacy prices

As one shall see, the cost of surrogacy comprises many aspects and is divided into various aspects. The number of parties involved and services required make the process a complicated one from a financial viewpoint.

The fees paid to the gestational surrogate for her services, along with the fertility clinic fees (expenses incurred during the medical process), and insurance coverage are probably the most expensive aspects of every surrogacy arrangements. Normally, in the USA, the agency fees and the surrogate fees are funded through a escrow account that is funded by the intended parents in advance.

But one should keep in mind that intended parents often have to pay other fees that are not usually included in the initial quotation. Accidentals such as premature birth or any other unforeseen events can add to the initial cost of our surrogacy treatment and should be included in your budget plan.

By (project manager) and (babygest staff).
Last Update: 11/30/2017