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Editorial Quality & Policies

Editorial Quality & Policies

Last Update: 03/25/2019
  • All contents published on Babygest will be accompanied by graphic illustrations, pictures or explanatory videos that allow the reader to better understand those aspects explained.
  • Pictures, illustrations, and other graphic resources contain an individual description in an external webpage from the main article. When someone clicks on the graphic resource, a new page will open to see in better detail the graphic resource and read the description. The purpose of this measure is for the graphic resource to have an individual meaning in case a user access an illustration directly.
  • In case it is necessary to add other contents to a publication that have not been created or provided to Babygest, we will request the corresponding authorization to get the right of publication and will quote the source of information.
  • All publications, forum threads or replies are linked to related posts or any other supplemental content in order to allow the user to understand or a particular response or get more info.

Up-to-date content

  • All publications include the date of update and last revision.
  • Publications are updated whenever we are aware that a particular medical procedure has changed, or if we consider it appropriate to provide readers with more info. By doing this, we guarantee up-to-date information in all cases. Moreover, if a doctor considers a particular question from a user relevant enough, he or she can add it to the “FAQs from users” section of each article in order for it to be seen along with the main content, thereby being visible for other users.
  • To be able to add new quality contents, doctors, editors, and project managers must update their knowledge in the field regularly. To this end, attending the world’s most important events is crucial, including the ones organized by the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology). The following are some certificates of attendance of the Project Managers: [PDF 1] [PDF 2].

Well organized contents that readers can comprehend

  • The ultimate goal is that users understand the information they find. To achieve this, we ask doctors and specialists to use a professional but comprehensible language for each publication, illustration or video-interview, as if they were addressing to a patient at their office, instead of speaking as if they were giving a conference or speech to the scientific community.
  • All posts contain a Table of Contents to help structure the contents and makes it easier for users to read them.
  • Information must be clear and well organized, with titles and subtitles that create a hierarchy of contents.

Advertising through contents is now allowed

  • We don’t allow self-promotion of medical services through the articles.. Clinics, sponsors, or medical professionals that participate or contribute with contents to our project are not allowed to advertise their services or clinics, or self-promote, using these contents. Thus, the purpose of the articles published, replies to FAQs or videos is to offer medical information and answer questions from patients from a medical viewpoint. Advertising is permitted on the spaces enable for that purpose.
  • All ads and contents published for advertising purposes will be duly identified with the text “Advertising” in order not to interfere with the contents or mislead the user.

Pluralism, impartiality & participation of users

  • We believe in pluralism as a tool to boost the quality of our contents. In many of Babygest's articles, several doctors, embryologists, lawyers, psychologists and specialists (perfectly identified) who work in different clinics and companies (also identified) have participated. This provides content with various points of view and different professional experiences that help to create a higher quality content. These differences will depend on the doctor’s expertise or the resources he or she has at hand.
  • After many years on the road creating medical contents, we are aware that a doctor can provide solutions based on the resources available at the medical facility he or she works at. In other words, the solutions to offer are dependent on the availability of resources at their disposal. So, thanks to pluralism and the participation of multiple doctors, clinics and hospitals, we preserve the impartiality of our contents and improve their quality.
  • Our publications allow the participation of the community as well. We believe that communication is a two-way thing. Users must be able to post comments, raise questions, or provide their experience in relation to a particular content published by a doctor. Multiple participation of users enriches and improves the overall quality of our contents, thereby adding different viewpoints to a single topic (professional and patient perspectives).
  • All publications, forum threads or replies can be easily shared on social media.

Moderation controls, comments & forum

  • We perform a thorough moderation control, with a strict moderation protocol for the comments posted on posts and forum threads to prevent the publication of inaccurate or misleading information.
  • We perform an extensive control to stop forum spam, too. Also, we automatically delete any content that refers to the sell between individuals of medications, as defined in our Forum Rules & Posting Guidelines.


Our motto is that prevention comes before detection and correction. For this reason, all medical publications focus, as long as possible, on the application of prevention measures in order to avoid future problems.

Direct contact

We communicate directly with all users that request medical advice via WhatsApp, email or phone. Our goal is always to help them in their journey toward achieving pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby. [See our contact details]

Equality policy

Our contents are based on a series of diversity and equality policies. [See them now]

Content usage

Users are free to use the contents of this Website as a reading or source of information. However, a User should not make use of the contents published herein in order to self-medicate or make decisions by themselves to replace the visit to their doctor. Such decisions could lead to severe health problems. For this reason, the information provided herein should be duly contrasted by your doctor. Click here to read more about our Liability: Legal Notice.

Moreover, if you want to reproduce our contents in your Website or a particular publication, you must follow our rules as explained in our Copyright Policy.