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Can a surrogacy process be delayed or cancelled?

Can a surrogacy process be delayed or cancelled?

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">Elizabeth Green</span>
    Elizabeth Green


    I’m about to start a surrogacy arrangement with my husband because I’ve been diagnosed with a disease that makes it impossible for me to get pregnant.

    To date, we’ve only spoken with a few agencies and we’re still considering our options. We’ve many doubts by thank god I came across this forum, which I find very useful. Thank you 🙂

    But I haven’t found this question… What if I regret having started the process once the surrogate is pregnant or the embryos fertilized? Am I allowed to cancel it? Or at least delay it? And what if she regrets having started and wants to terminate the contract?

    Looking forward to your reply,

    Thank you very much for your help,

    Elizabeth Green

    06/10/2018 at 10:52
  2. Hello Elizabeth,

    You’re welcome 🙂 I’m glad that you find this forum interesting and useful!

    A surrogacy process is actually an IVF process, with the difference that the resulting embryos are not transferred back to your uterus, but to the uterus (womb) of a different woman: the gestational carrier. And she will be carrying the pregnancy to term for you. For this reason, and although they are subject to the policies of each fertility clinic, it’s likely that the cancellation phases are the same as in a normal IVF process. In general, the process can be cancelled as long as the embryo transfer hasn’t been done yet.

    The cancellation phases and conditions should be considered and properly included in the surrogacy contract in order for you and the surrogate to know what are your rights and obligations in such case.

    Keep in mind that cancelling a surrogacy process once the embryos have been transferred to the womb of the GC equals abortion. This possibility, although it’s an option as long as you and the GC agree, should be included in the surrogacy contract before beginning the process.

    As you shall see, all aspects should be properly written in the surrogacy contract, mainly because it helps prevent potential complications and unforeseen events. Take into account that creating embryos is not a decision that should be made hastily. For this reason, you should be totally sure before getting started.

    To sum up, both intended parents and surrogate mother should undergo a psychological screening prior to starting the process in order to make sure that they will be capable of enduring the process from beginning to end. The goal is to prevent potential regrets or cancellations.

    I hope this helps,

    Best regards

    06/11/2018 at 13:04
  3. I think both these things are possible. However, if as an IP you are planning to do then just avoid. It is always better to first prepare your mind and then decide. Mainly, seeing this because otherwise, it will cost you tons. The clinic might delay but canceling it is not possible as far as there is not a serious issue. I hope I was able to help you out. Good luck to you. Think and then make the decision.

    08/18/2018 at 10:30
  4. Sorry to hear about your infertility. Of course, it can. surrogacy can be delayed in situations where the clinic is unable to find a matching surrogate for you. It is important that you and your surrogate get along which is why this step is important. Surrogacy can be canceled but some clinics charge a cancellation fee. However, it cannot be canceled by you or the clinic after your surrogate has conceived and you have signed the contract. I hope this was helpful.

    08/29/2018 at 18:48