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Considering being a surrogate: What is your story?

Considering being a surrogate: What is your story?

  1. Isacaro

    Hello everyone!

    I have recently felt the desire to be a surrogate. I have always wanted to help people have a family, whether it be adoption, egg donation, or what not. My family cannot afford to adopt currently and being a surrogate could not only give another family a much desired baby, but also give my own family the ability to adopt.
    I have two children on my own, both of my pregnancies were hard on me for various reasons, but I still feel this desire for surrogacy. Has anyone else had experiences like this?
    I would love to hear anyone and everyone’s experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to make an informed decision and want to be the best surrogate I can be if I choose to do so.

    Thank you!

    02/02/2019 at 07:10
  2. Hi, lovely! I understand your concerns, honey. and moreover, I appreciate your pure intention to help some infertile couple. the thing which worries me is that there’s a set of requirements for the intended surrogate. Of course those vary among countries. Some will want you to have at least 1 kid of your own. (meaning you’ve completed your own family and are healthy enough to carry the IP’s baby the full term). Some will want you to be financially stable. Perfect health and emotional state are out of the question – those ”on the top”. I’d also agree with above posters, there’s the possibility you might bond with the baby you’ll be carrying for 9 months. So it’s definitely wise to go for counselling before making your final decision. I do understand your mom, luv. She must be worrying about you. Just be kind to her. Take enough time considering ’cause you will not be able to cancel the procedure as soon as you get sb’d wee bean inside. Hoping you’ll make the right decision. All the very best to you.

    02/14/2019 at 13:07
  3. Hello Isacaro,

    I also considered being a surrogate. I wouldn’t really feel emotionally prepared though…

    Did I get this right? You want to gestate for a familiy member? I think I would certainly not be able to gestate for a sister or a cousin, whatsoever because it might really destroy familiy bonds if you suffer from giving up “your” baby which you carried during nine months. I certainly wouldn’t be able to see the child growing up I was gestating nine months and not telling him it was actually me being pregnant with him.

    Wish you all the best. Chose your battles wisely.

    09/11/2019 at 15:59