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How should I take my fertility medications?

How should I take my fertility medications?

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">Fertilitylady</span>

    Hi all,

    I have a question concerning fertility meds. I have to administer Ovaleap and Ovitrelle for my IUI. On Wednesday 9th December, I had to administer Ovaleap 50 on the 3rd day of my period. They also handed me over Ovitrelle. However, my nurse said when asking I only have to inject Ovaleap for 6 days until the next appointment. And Ovitrelle not. I already bought both meds and I store them in the fridge. What does Ovitrelle produce that I cannot inject together with Ovaleap? I don’t understand, help me please!

    12/10/2020 at 15:09
  2. Hello Fertilitylady,

    Ovitrelle is a hormonal drug composed of recombinant hCG and its purpose is to trigger follicular maturation after ovarian stimulation. Therefore, Ovitrelle causes ovulation.

    This drug must be administered approximately 34 hours prior to insemination. It is essential to follow the hours of injection, otherwise, it could have a negative effect on the AI result.

    Ovaleap, on the other hand, is a drug composed of alpha-folitropin, a gonadotropin. Its function is to provoke the development of multiple ovarian follicles.

    Hope this helps,

    all the best.

    12/11/2020 at 18:15
  3. I’ve started my IVF cycle but having a hard time to inject my fertility drugs. What should I do? I don’t want to cancel my cycle out of fear for needles!!

    01/05/2021 at 14:41
    • Hello Sunny,

      in case you should be having trouble injecting the fertility medication yourself, just ask a family member or your husband to inject it for you. Also, if you’re still unsure about how to proceed with the administration, we recommend you talk to your fertility clinic for advice. Knowing all the instructions makes you more confident when it comes to self-administration.

      Hope this helps

      Best regards

      01/21/2021 at 13:49