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Is it possible to get to know the Egg Donor in Surrogacy?

Is it possible to get to know the Egg Donor in Surrogacy?

  1. Phil

    Hi everyone, I’m Phil and this is my first post on this Forum. I’m a straight single guy in my early forties and I’ve recently become interested in the prospect of having a baby through the Surrogacy route. Aside from my reasons for doing this I have the question as above:

    Is it possible to get to know the Egg Donor in Surrogacy?

    I’m looking at Clinics in Russia but only involved at the interest/research stage at the moment. Some have profiles of their Egg Donors for interested party to view. My interest would be in using my sperm (I’m assuming I have no problem with my sperm) and a Egg Donor most likely off their website as they tend to have already done all the initial testing/screening.

    Now while it’s great to have some photos I’m wondering if anyone has met the Egg Donor at such clinics? For me I feel it is better to see the person for real, their personality etc. More than that if possible I think it would be nice to know a bit more about her and be on a friendly footing. Thinking ahead while I would understand that she would not wish to act as a mother to conceived child I feel it would be nice for any conceived child to be able to contact the biological mother in future if they so wished. Has anyone here ventured down that path?

    Any information of any sort on this would be greatly appreciated.

    11/03/2019 at 01:23
  2. Hello Phil,

    in general, there are anonymous and non-anonymous egg donations. Both types depend on the country’s legislation. In some countries, only anonymous donation is possible in order to protect the donor’s identity.

    As for Russia, actually both options are available. So yes, it’s possible to get to know your egg donor. You might find this interesting: Surrogacy and Egg Donation in Russia.

    However, as you are a single man, Russia is not considered a safe destination. For more information, have a look at the following post: How can I become a single father?

    Hope this helps,

    best wishes

    11/04/2019 at 16:41
    • Thanks Romina,

      Many Russian clinics seem to offer single men the opportunity to go the Surrogacy route.

      They state that, “Federal legislation expressly vests married or de facto couples, and single women, with the right to engage in surrogacy arrangements. That legislation is silent on the rights of single men. However, Russian Courts have made clear that single men share an equal right to enter into surrogacy agreements.”

      I can’t see there being any problem here I doubt the Russian government would want to have babies lying around unclaimed for it would likely cause more of a problem for them.

      Handy to know you think it is possible to get to know the Egg Donor. I would find that a preferable situation to be in. I wasn’t sure whether non-anonymous was just a case of seeing the photo of the egg donor and some written profile on her or actually being able to meet her. So meeting her would be best I think both from seeing what she is like pre choosing a donor and afterwards with a view to possible occasional contact/communication if both parties wished it so.

      11/05/2019 at 14:58