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Should overseas surrogacy be banned?

Should overseas surrogacy be banned?

  1. francis

    Hey guys, in my opinion surrogacy overseas should be banner… For me, it equals exploitation and commodification of women… Look at surros in India… They are literally imprisoned in farms during pregnancy… What if it was your daughter or a family member? But India is not the unique example… In the US, exploitative surrogacy is disguised and named commercial surrogacy but it’s the same… the actors are the same, and the process works exactly the same… Rich family pays = baby coming up! I’d like to hear your opinions, though… I want to read your arguments and find something that changes my opinion in some way – though I don’t think it’s possible, but who knows…

    09/08/2017 at 18:28
  2. I completely agree with surrogacy!!! You’re wrong francis… If someone can’t have children due to medical reasons, why not letting them raise a family of their own? And besides, as long as it is done respecting the rights of all parties, especially the rights of the surrogate mother, I’ve no objection… why should I? Who am I to say no? What about gay people? Don’t they have the right to have a family? Make a step forward you narrow-minded people!!!! Leave this forum if you don’t agree with surrogate motherhood.

    10/01/2017 at 15:19
    • Hi, hope so you are doing great. I agree with you surrogacy is a wonderful process. Surrogates are such humble people. They bring smiles to the faces of the infertile. There is nothing wrong with the process. I don’t think it should be banned. If something is done for the welfare of mankind nothing is wrong in it. I also believe surrogates should be provided with a good environment and treated fairly. Hoping people should accept the fact that surrogacy has made many impossibilities to be possible.

      08/26/2018 at 14:19
  3. Hey.
    I hope you are well. I’m glad you brought this up. To answer your question, I don’t think surrogacy should be banned overseas. I agree with the fact that surrogacy conditions in India are really bad. People go there for affordable surrogacy. I heard their surrogate are not paid enough. But that doesn’t mean we should ban surrogacy overseas overall. There are some countries where surrogacy is banned. People of that country cannot have a kid through this process. They fly to another country in order to have a baby. They deserve to be parents too. What we need to do is work on the condition and make them better. India really needs that. I hope you understand my point here. Banning surrogacy like that would make a lot of people suffer.

    08/20/2018 at 17:04
  4. This is really not the case. Surrogacy is really an amazing thing. Not everyone can understand it. Think about it this way. What if there was no way for you to have a child. Adoption is not easy either. I have had surrogacy myself. I am really glad that I had. Every good thing is abused in this world. Doesn’t mean we should protest against it. We should rather work hard to get the abusers behind bars. All these practices in India and other countries are indeed bad. They are really horrible. However, we have to work hard to make things better. I hope you understand. Lots of love for people who support surrogacy. Take care and prayers for all of you out there.

    08/21/2018 at 12:24
  5. I’m all for standing up for surrogacy. I believe that surrogacy process should be allowed everywhere! Infertility is a medical issue where sometimes treatment is useless. Thus surrogacy might help an infertile married couple to have a desirable baby. And I don’t understand those people who think that surrogacy is something criminal. I would love to give a child for an infertile couple but I have the poor medical condition after second delivery.

    The government needs to establish strict surrogacy law. Then everyone will have benefit from it!

    09/11/2018 at 12:05
  6. There are a number of ways and views to look into this perspective. Surrogacy should be banned or legalized? Everyone has his own views on this scenario. But in general, if we have a look at it then it should be legalized. I have read a story from a clinic where they stood for surrogacy in their country. The clinic authorities involved themselves in the lawmaking of this surrogacy. Surrogacy gives an infertile couple a chance to have a family. What about gay couples? They can also have a family with this surrogacy. Surrogacy has many positive points if you will have a look at it as a general viewer.

    09/29/2018 at 06:11
  7. No it shouldn’t. This is my personal point of view. This is the only way thousands of couples may still have kids in their families. There are lots of reasons why they cannot conceive or carry pregnancies themselves: Genetic diseases. Life threatening diseases which don’t allow women to carry kids themselves. Absence of the uterus. A history of multiple miscarriages. Multiple IVF failures etc. Moreover, we know surrogacy may be the only way to have babies for the same sex couples. I personally do understand all these reasons for surrogacy But if it’s somewhat like a woman wants to preserve her figure or weight, and for this very reason she wants to use the surro – I’m totally against! ‘Cause it means she can do it herself. But she doesn’t want to, putting this physical burden on somebody else. This is so selfish!!

    02/19/2019 at 08:54
  8. Surrogacy should be legal in every country. Everyone should have the chance to become a parent. Whether it`s from a surrogate or from adopting. Having a surrogate allows couples to watch their baby grow from the very beginning and it brings a lot of joy to a lot of people. Adoption is a very long process for some people and to some surrogacy is what they want to have a child with their blood and genes. Moreover, it is wrong when the government decides whether infertile couples should adopt or have surrogacy process. Every couple has a right to decide which one the process they would like to have. Thank God we have such countries where surrogacy is still possible in a legal way.

    03/19/2019 at 13:38
  9. I don’t see any issues provided all consent to the process, are able to make informed consent and no law and human rights are violated.

    09/23/2019 at 09:58
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