Pros and cons of gay adoption

  1. Flowers

    Just wanted to share my opinion… It’s not exactly about surrogacy… I just want to tell you that i see no problem in gay couples adopting children… why should I? It’s another opportunity for children without a family to have a loving family to take care of them. It’s really abusive of people to discriminate against gay couples just for their sexual orientation… What really matters here is the love that one can give to a child.
    As for surrogacy, I’m totally in favor…whether it is used by gay couples, opposite sex couples, lesbians… We all have the right to become parents, don’t we?

    10/28/2017 at 11:39
  2. In my case, i’m totally in favor of gay couples having children via surrogate… it’s even better than adoption for me. I’m gay and if you were so, you’d understood me better. Think twice before replying to this… Gay men do not have the chance to have a biological child whose genetically linked to both. With adoption, they are not genetically linked to the child. With surrogacy, they still have the chance for 1 of them to have a genetic link… isn’t it AWESOME? I’m sure you’d want that if the child were yours… Think twice guys. Saying no to that is social discrimination and homophobia.

    01/30/2018 at 15:33
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