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Surrogacy with Gamete Donation

Surrogacy with Gamete Donation

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">Xtine</span>

    Hey there,

    My husband and I’ve been doing some tests on our fertility status lately and got a negative prognosis: neither my uterus nor my eggs are in good condition. So we are seriously considering surrogacy as our last opportunity. Our idea at first was to use my eggs and my husband’s sperm but my ovarian reserve is poor and now I don’t know if we have to opt for traditional surrogacy as I can’t contribute with my own eggs? Or is it possible to do surrogacy in combination with egg donation from a different woman?

    11/21/2019 at 14:45
  2. Dear Xtine,

    basically the surrogacy process is a classical ivf procedure, with the difference that the woman undergoing this treatment is other than the one who is about to bring the child up.

    Since it’s the same procedure per se, it doesn’t matter where the eggs come from. Thus you can either use your partner’s sperm, your eggs, or donor sperm and / or donor eggs. Anyhow, traditional surrogacy nowadays has gotten out of use and gestational surrogacy instead is carried out. In so doing it will be prevented that the surrogate mother develops an emotional attachment to the baby.

    Hope this helps,
    best wishes

    11/21/2019 at 15:11