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What does a surrogacy agency do?

What does a surrogacy agency do?

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">Thomas Wagner</span>
    Thomas Wagner

    Hello there,

    I’m a bit confused because we’re currently planning to have a child with surrogacy and we’re kinda lost. You see, we’ve read that we need to find attorneys, assistants, agency, doctors… We don’t know how are we going to manage that or coordinate them, or even who will be willing to do it. I’ve read that surrogacy agencies gather all these parties and can create a special pack for you… But what’s their actual role? Is there any party we can get by without? Can we do it for ourselves?

    12/14/2017 at 15:35
  2. Dear Thomas,

    Surrogacy agencies work to help intended parents throughout the process. They find the right attorney, fertility clinics, etc. for you and can help you deal with every aspect related to your process, especially in relation to the surrogate. They work as intermediaries between you and the surrogate. Agencies normally are responsible for doing the right surrogate-IP match and make sure that everyone is properly medically and psychologically evaluated. Their role is to solve any problem that may arise as well.

    I hope this helps,


    12/18/2017 at 09:21
  3. Hi, Thomas. Surrogacy is a kind of treatment, in which a surrogate mother is provided for the giving birth to a baby. Clinics provide a surrogate mother for you. Surrogacy is not a very lengthy process. This is not so much risk. The embryo is transferred to the surrogate mothers. This is a little bit expensive treatment. A good clinic can give you a discount to some extent according to the packages. Many clinics provide economical packages to patients. They bear all expenses of a surrogate mother. Please think about surrogacy options. I hope surrogacy will be very helpful to you.

    08/26/2018 at 10:37
  4. Your concern is right. However, we need education on this. Infertile people in different countries remain infertile. They have to listen to the others taunts. I hope you don’t have to go through any of this. This time can be hard for anyone like us. We need to remain steadfast.

    08/29/2018 at 12:31
  5. Yes, an agency will do that for you. The whole purpose of an agency is to make your work easier. Though they will have a special fee for it too. I mean it will cost you. However, it will save you the hassle. Just equate your costs and decide on this. Good luck 🙂

    08/29/2018 at 15:08
    • For those who are considering surrogacy, asking the following questions may be useful~
      How long has the program been in operation? Does the program recruit its own surrogates? How are surrogates expenses handled? Does the program offer a medical screening of the surrogate? Does medical screening include an AIDS test of the surrogate and her partner? What is the fee payment structure? Does the program offer psychological screening and counseling to all parties? Does the program offer on-site medical services (insemination or IVF) or do they work with local physicians and hospitals? How many babies have been born through the agency/clinic’s surrogacy programs? To what extent is contact between the surrogate and the couple encouraged? Can the couple be present at the birth? If the surrogate does not get pregnant over a certain number of cycles, what is the clinic’s policy regarding the refund of fees paid?

      10/22/2020 at 14:14
  6. Surrogacy agency does everything which is quite a complicated process. Only best agencies can provide quality surrogacy services. There are many clinics for surrogacy now but only a few are best in their services. From the initial to the final stage surrogacy agency is handling each stage. A clinic with best experts can undergo surrogacy successfully. To be specific i should share my experience so far with a clinic. I am infertile and the reason behind this infertility is still unknown. But the doctors said i am infertile and i can’t have a baby naturally. So as a last resort i have to look into other options to have a baby. Between adoption, IVF, IUI, and surrogacy i choose surrogacy. I also tried IVF and IUI but i failed at both methods. So surrogacy was the last option for us to have a baby. We live in Bulgaria here surrogacy is prohibited. So we moved to a clinic in another state. There we went to the clinic. The clinic is best in its services so far. They offer free initial surrogacy consultation services. They arranged accommodation for us near the clinic. They offer free transport and food for their patients. Overall the clinic is so far the best clinic regarding surrogacy. They have told us about every aspect and they assured us that we will leave their clinic with a baby. I hope you will have a better idea now what a surrogacy agency do. Wishing you luck for your future plans.

    09/29/2018 at 13:44
    • I feel for everyone going through IVF/surrogacy! Dh and I decided to try for kids a year after we got married.We had a nice house, cars, and a stable income. Were were proud of this as we watched late teens and early 20s women with kids waiting for the bus or people we knew who husband or Bf left for good. Of one stayed at home and the other worked 24/7 and the relationship went bad because one was never home. After one year of trying we found out the issue was in me. It took years, unsuccessful ivf shots and surrogacy route to get HOPE – our tiny been inside the surrogate..

      12/10/2019 at 19:54
  7. I wouldn’t trust any agency. They are just interested in taking our money. Sorry, but surrogacy for me is just another form of human trafficking.

    09/26/2019 at 07:11
  8. I’ll never understand how unfair this game could be. One gets prego with a cough. Not wanting it. Not expecting. Anther one is struggling hard and for so long she might go insane when seen a prego around..And this is heartbreaking..I’ve always felt jealous for every huge belly I happened to see. Even announcements made me do lots of histerical private cryings &  balming myself this was my fault. Oh my, I look back on things with horror. Still I tried to think a bit differently. I mean I began to look for more stroies telling me people were even in worse position. And yes, it’s selfish too, surely..Once I thought. Well I see a heavily prego lady with her huge eye attractive belly and I know I’ve always wanted to be in her very shoes..BUT Do I know this might be the result of her 8th IVF (Adding the last one she was about to give up because she had no money for doing more) Or Do I know whether her dh has been battling cancer for so long and unsuccessfuly and he’s told he’d live 5 mons more? Or Do I know whether she spent all her money on fertility treatments that’s it’s going to be thremendously hard for her to efford even the 1st year of her long awaited baby? And so on, ladies, so many other things to think of!! We never know, lovelies, what hides behind success, behind this huge belly we dream about!!

    01/07/2020 at 13:23
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