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Known vs. anonymous egg donor

Known vs. anonymous egg donor

When resorting to egg donation, it is of vital importance to know the legislation of the corresponding country in which the treatment is to be carried out, as each destination has its own requirements.

In some countries, egg donors have to remain anonymous, which is the case of Spain for example. In anonymous egg donation programms, it is not possible for future parents to get to know their egg donors nor to receive any personal information about her. For this reason, only general characteristics are made public like eye color or height, among other things.

However, countries such as the U.S. allow for a public donation in which parents may get information about their donor and even get to know her in person.

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Last Update: 01/14/2020
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    1. It also should be worth a mention that in the U.S. anonymous donation still differs from what you’d consider anonymous in the EU. While in european countries there is no possibility to have pictures from a donor candidate and get personal data, the U.S. allows to have a look at the donor’s profile with their respective photos and personal information like name, age and profession.