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Use of gametes donation

Use of gametes donation

On many occasions, a fertility treatment is linked to the donation of eggs, semen or embryos. It is not always possible to use the gametes of future parents.

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By Babygest Staff
Last Update: 01/14/2020
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    Can someone explain me the difference between embryo adoption and embryo donation?

    • Hello Sinah,

      when it comes to embryo sharing, two terms can be found: embryo adoption vs. embryo donation. Which one is used depends on your values and believs about the embryo itself: Is this human life or just a clump of cells?

      By using the term embryo adoption you imply that the embryo is a human being with all rights and protections given to it as if it was already born. On the contrary, embryo donation refer to the embryo as a “cluster of cells” which means that it is treated like any other gamete like egg and sperm which can be donated, frozen, used in assisted reproductive treatments or have them destroyed.

      Depeding on how they are potentially treated one or the other terminology will be used.

      Hope I could clarify your question.