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Surrogacy terminology

Surrogacy terminology

Many terms and definitions can be found nowadays regarding surrogacy and other words that derive from it.

It should be noted that terms such as womb for hire or surrogate motherhood are actually incorrect because they imply certain concepts that are not linked to what surrogacy actually means.

On the one hand, surrogate motherhood, surrogate mother, and similar terms, place the concept of motherhood at the same level as being the woman who carries the pregnancy. But the truth is, a mother is someone that loves and takes care of a child, and not the person who bears the pregnancy by default.

On the other hand, womb for hire materializes the process as if a womb or uterus was an object that can be rented or hired out. Actually, a gestational carrier lends her capacity of bearing a pregnancy to those who, unfortunately, lack it.

By MD (psychologist), (embryologist), MD, FACOG, FACS, FACE (gynecologist) and (babygest staff).
Last Update: 11/13/2017
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