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Surrogacy types and the redefinition of motherhood

Surrogacy types and the redefinition of motherhood

As one shall see in this diagram, the concept of motherhood has been expanded with the proliferation of surrogacy. Depending on whether it is traditional surrogacy or a gestational surrogacy arrangement, we can distinguish between up to even 4 mothers:

Traditional surrogacy
Given that the surrogate is artificially inseminated (IUI), she is at the same time the gestational and the genetic mother. The intended mother would be the social mother.
Gestational surrogacy
The surrogate is just a gestational carrier, which limits her role as just being the gestational mother. If the intended mother uses her own eggs, she will be the genetic and the social mother at the same time. However, if donor eggs are used, a third mother enters the equation: The egg donor as the genetic mother.
By Babygest Staff
Last Update: 11/15/2017